How much do solar energy system installers make in Port St Lucie Florida?   

In the new world of solar energy panels it seems like there's just not enough techs.  And when it comes to solar energy panels in Port St Lucie there's even more insufficiency. And as the solar energy panels power in Port St Lucie grows it's likely that the consumer could find itself months behind in just a couple of years. In fact if you are a roofer at this time and want to switch to a new field where your knowledge can be turned into something of the future, the field of solar energy power in Port Saint Lucie just might be your opportunity. And keep in mind that with the federal tax credit that the consumer is learning about the solar energy panels is even more  sought after in just about every city. 

There's a huge amount of solar energy companies that are selling solar energy power panels and Port St Lucie isn't any different. In fact most solar panels companies in Port St Lucie are using three or four other licensed contractors to actually do all the work. this means that the contractors that are installing the solar energy power systems in Port St Lucie Florida are going to fall further behind as time goes on. Meaning the pay for solar energy systems installers could go up every year. 

But what are solar system installer make in Port St Lucie? 

​The median salary for solar energy system installers was $44,890 in 2019. Or at least that's what I found in most cases. Roofers however make just below that. But we should keep in mind that as of 2020 most labor work has gone up as labor workers are harder to get. This meant that I had to find solar energy panels installers and ask them personally. This wasn't an easy task but I was able to find two solar energy panels installers in Port St Lucie. The first one was telling me that he was a salary worker and the his salary was around $60k a year. The other solar energy power system installer in Port St Lucie was a worker that got paid by the job. His compensation was a little higher putting him around $75k a year.

On a final note. Solar energy panels in Port Saint Lucie is a growing field that has a great opportunity for Laborers. As a matter of fact, The solar industry already employs above 200,000 people in the United States, and with the level of growth that is expected for the solar energy industry you might expect it to  employ as much as one million workers by 2035. As this field will grow the consumer itself will start shifting making the power company in the future a division that buys left over power that is collected by solar systems owners.  That being said solar energy panels in Port St Lucie will likely be an industry that will need solar system installers that just to keep up with the demand, repairs, and upgrades. And even though currently the average worker from what my findings was between 60-75k it's likely that solar energy power systems installers will be making 15-25% more in the next 5 years. 

What else would I want to know about the Port St Lucie solar energy power industries and products. 

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