We all have done a company search but understanding what we see might be different. When searching for a Las Vegas moving company most of us will start with Google but we must understand the search results. We start with the keywords that we are likely to use. Theses keywords might be movers Las Vegas, Las Vegas moving company, or even moving company Las Vegas. But when we search for these moving companies we get results that most of us don't notice some serious facts. 

​In most cases on desk top results you'll get three Las Vegas movers listings that go across, those are ads that some companies have paid to be under the search for movers Las Vegas or Las Vegas moving companies. The next two listings are below them showing like results but keep in mind those are also moving companies that have paid to be under the header for movers Las Vegas or Las Vegas moving company. The third results is usually the Google Map. The Google Map will usually show three Las Vegas movers that are close to you in most cases. In some cases there could be four companies but that would mean that the top Las Vegas moving company on map results is also an ad.

The reason it's important to know that is that when it comes to ads you don't know if you're hiring a local moving company in Las Vegas, but if you hire a company on Google Maps you're probably looking at a local Las Vegas movers. This is do to the fact that most companies on Google Maps are verified and companies on ads might not be. 

After the Google Maps there's more results for Las Vegas movers or Las Vegas moving companies. In most cases there's what's called organic results. These results under Las Vegas moving company are what Google thinks could be most useful for the searcher. It will usually contain a mix results of business directories and some local movers in Las Vegas but not always. 

The nice thing about using directories is you're able to see multiple Las Vegas moving companies with ratings. These directories are known as Yelp, BBB, Yellow pages, ext. 

Always get three price quotes from three different local Las Vegas moving company and don't always go with the cheapest one go with the one that makes you feel that there company is an honest Las Vegas moving company.

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