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How much do solar energy installers get compensated in Las Vegas? 

In the new era of solar energy power there's just not enough installers that are qualified to do the job. And when it comes to Las Vegas solar energy power panel installers it feels like it's even worse. In fact, if the industry for solar energy in Las Vegas does not figure out how to recruit installers new solar energy consumers could find themselves waiting for months and months. 

The good news is that if your currently working as a roofer you could switch to doing solar energy panels in Las Vegas and give yourself a quick financial raise. This would be a wise move for most roofers as Las Vegas solar energy power panel systems are only going to get more popular as time goes. 

So what has changed in the Las Vegas solar energy industry? For one, today there's four times more solar energy Las Vegas companies offering to sell solar systems than just five years ago. This has created a circumstance of the consumers seeing much more advertising for solar energy panels, as well as having the consumer get much more needed information. 

The other reason that solar panels in Las Vegas have gotten so much more noticeable is do to solar energy power panels having a huge price drop over the last decade or so. 

What are Las Vegas solar energy installers make? The median salary for solar energy system installers just three years ago was a little over $44,000 (that's what I was able to find online). And as we all know as of late the workforce has demanded a higher salary across the board. This has also touched the need for a higher salary pay when it comes to installers that do solar energy in Las Vegas. And let's not forget that very few workers do qualify to do solar energy installation on roofs. Which explains why roofers have a huge alternatives to go to these days.

But as I was talking to solar energy Las Vegas installers I was told by three different workers that they make between $52,000 to $65,000 a year. And just to be clear the solar energy installer that was making 52k a year was only on the job for 5 months.

On a final note. The Las Vegas solar energy panel industry is a growing field that has produced huge opportunities for many workers that have been in the workforce that involve roofing or some sort of similar labor. And if we take in for account that the U.S. employs around 200,000 currently in the solar energy field, you could see how we would reach to as much as 800,000 workers by 2040. 

This would create a future that would not only allow for much higher paying jobs but also allow for our planet to be much more eco-friendly place as time goes. 

Where can I find a jobs within the field of solar energy in Las Vegas - You could check listings on indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Jooble, and glassdoor. As you may expect if you have solar energy installation experience you're likely to make more money than a journeyman. 

Here's a link for future workers in the field of solar energy power in Las Vegas to understand the payrate you could expect As you can see it shows that solar energy installers in the U.S. make 77K a year (median).


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