What kind of Shutters seem to be popular in Las Vegas. 

The Plantation Shutters are very popular in Las Vegas all you have to do is just google shutters Las Vegas and you''ll notice that Plantation Shutters Las Vegas are a major results on it's own. But it's also a good shutters to use as there's many companies offering these typeof shutters with a lifetime warranty and they seem to do real well with that Las Vegas heat. 

​Tier on Tier Shutters have been catching popularity as well but in most cases you'll see that home owners in Las Vegas use these shutters in very particular places like the kitchens. The reason behind that is that you could open the top shutters and at the same time leave the bottom closed. Allowing light to come in and at the same time having that privacy that some people seem to want. 

Exterior shutters are common to see in Las Vegas but keep in mind in most cases these shutters have been installed by the builders before anyone ever moved in. It's hard to maintain these window shutters in Las Vegas as they do require maintenance and painting every few years do to that desert heat. 

​Sliding shutters are gaining popularity in Las Vegas but you'll notice them in two type of places in most cases. The most common place is in front of a sliding door which usually goes to the backyard. 

Another place that you might see these types of shutters in Las Vegas but not as common. Some times if a door is needed but there's not enough room for a door to swing out it's a simple solution to just have a shutter as a door that slides open without taking any space to swing out. 

​Faux Wood Shutters are probably the number one used Las Vegas Shutters. Not sure why as you would think that with the dry heat in Las Vegas people would rather use Vinyl Shutters. Vinyl Shutters are very abusable and need very little maintenance, where Wood Shutters in Las Vegas could be harmed with the swelling of the heat that usually could be caused by this type of Las Vegas like weather. But in all fairness there's a lot of companies in Las Vegas that sel  shutters for years that have learned what type of Las Vegas Shutters to use as well as what paint and polyurethane to use on these shutters to keep them looking rich and lasting for years to come. 

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